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These are all private consultations that I do by appointment in my home. I am an Angel Counselor, Clairvoyant, Family Counselor, Lightworker, Manifestation Aromatherapist, and Angelic Light Healing Practitioner. It is a form of Essene Energy work.

This is my 25th year of doing my work. I have worked with the Angels for 16 years.

My private practice is in Phoenix, Arizona. In that confidential environment, you have complete privacy and quiet.

I also now do home visits, where I will go to your home for consultations, phone work, email and snail mail consultations.

Look out for my Angel Specials throughout the season!

ANGEL MESSAGES FOR THE NOW: This is a very good consultation for new clients. It is the favorite of all clients. It offers the most important Messages from your Angels, Guides and Ancestors. This Consultation also allows time to answer any and all questions you may have for me. I answer all questions. The Messages come through me, not from me.

ANGELIC CELESTIAL MESSAGES: This session is done only once a year, and deals with your Soul Energy. I work on the 11 elements of your Life. What you want, what others think of you, your obstacles and challenges for the next year, your persona to the world, your Soul Messages, the outcome a year from now. I do a tape for you, and send it to you.

LIFE PATH MESSAGES: This is one of my new charts. It is very good for those thinking of lifestyle change, like a new job, career, money, relationship, or relocating. In this session, I work on your 4 dimensions: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It is gaining a lot of popularity among clients. It is all about change in your Life.

These are the types of Healing and Energy work I do:

ANGELIC LIGHT HEALING: Jesus was an Essene - part of a group of healers who use God's Love Energy to heal you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. There will also be a physical release of any cords, ropes, hooks, bounding up, strings, residue, clouds of Energy, spikes, or leaks in the Energy field. I do not touch your body, as the healing takes place over your body. I do touch your feet, to see how your pulse is doing, and to also check your meridian functioning. I push old, negative Energy out of your body, and invoke new Angelic Light Energy into your body through the feet. Sometimes I also do this through the Crown Chakra.

This is a 3 part Healing Program. First is the interview. Next is the actual Healing modality work, and then is the Checkup to see how you are healing. Angelic Light Healing is a type of healing work that can be done in person or over long distance. That is called Distant Healing. Each person is unique in what they need for healing, but I remove hooks, cords, blocks, strings, ropes, etheric wounds, residue brown or black negative Energy, spikes, leaks of Energy from your body, mind and spirit. The 3rd appointment is the checkup to see how you are healing.

ANGELIC CHAKRA BALANCING: In this energy work, you are relaxed, and I clear the 7 major Chakras, replace the old Energy with new, pure Energy. I also look for any blockages you have on your body. I work with the Golden White Light, putting it down, around and through your body. I clear your Aura of any negativity. You and I do the "I AM" mantra for balancing and releasement of physical Karma. You will feel better, sleep better, think clearer and overall be in a new Energy field. This Chakra Balancing is now available long distance by phone. No matter where you Live, you can get this treatment.

ANGELIC CLEANSING AND RELEASE CEREMONY - This is for your home, business, car, etc. Sometimes our environments need a cleansing of negativity, dark Energies, even unwelcome Spirits that stay in your space. It is best to do these Cleansings in person, but it is possible to work with you angelically. I go to your home, office, etc., for the Cleansing work. It takes about an hour.

ANGELIC RELEASE CEREMONY: This is a ceremony that I do for clients to release any traumatic, negative experiences from their bodies. The client either writes out all the negative experiences, or records them. I do not listen or read your personal writings. But I do a Release Ceremony on them without your presence. You will feel the release in your body when I do it. It is very confidential and personal. There is a very small charge for this service.

SPIRITUAL COUNSELING: I have a Masters Degree in Guidance and Counseling, plus I am an Ordained Minister. I do see individuals and families for personal counseling by appt. You talk and I listen. Everything is kept confidential. I have been a family and crisis counselor for churches and agencies, and a divorce group facilitator in California for several years. I was a counselor for Orange County schools. I was also an Associate Professor in the Counseling Department at a community college in California.

ANGELIC ESSENE ENERGY WORK: Strongest Healing Modality: Jesus was an Essene - part of a group of healers who use God's Love Energy to heal you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. There will also be physical release of any cords, ropes, hooks, bounding up, strings, residue, clouds of Energy, spikes, or leaks in the Energy field. This strongest Healing method is used for those who are extremely emotionally wounded, chronic illness, recovering from operations or surgeries, need total transformation in their lives.
The Essene Energy work takes 3 appts. I work with the Golden White Light, the Sapphire Blue Light and the Violet Flame for transformation, transmutation, and rebirth. It is a very powerful Ceremony. And very sacred.

ANGELIC CEREMONIES: As a minister, I do weddings, commitment ceremonies, civil ceremonies memorials, testimonials, and Prayer Groups.

Rates for services: All Angel Sessions: $25.00 for 20 minutes, $50.00 for 1/2 hour, $75.00 for 1 hour. Angelic Celestial Messages is $80.00 for 1 hour. I am now doing 90 minute sessions for those when 1 hour is not enough time.
Rates for Healing/energy Services: $50.00 for 1/2 hour, $80.00 for an hour.

Angelic Release Ceremony: $20.00 charge, depending on amount that is needed to release.

Tapes are available by request.

Take care, and stay in the Light during these roller coaster times.

If you have any questions or to make an appt. please call 602-770-5785 or email me.

Love and Blessings,

Marylou C.


Angel Essences - Special Blends by Marylou

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