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Marylou Chapman
Marylou Chapman

Marylou Chapman has over 25 years of experience in counseling, teaching basic and advanced metaphysics, providing intuitive assistance and giving spiritual and pastoral guidance.

Marylou Chapman has a consciousness, clarity, and accuracy which is rare and exciting. Intuitive since childhood, she could see other people's Energies.

After an Angel Visitation, her Life was never the same. She became a Lightworker, working with a client's Energies. After receiving her M.A. Degree in Counseling, she integrated counseling with psychometry. She has used spiritual therapy / counseling in her work.

In 1997, Marylou started working with the Angels. Working with the Angels is how Marylou defines herself. Her Message for all who know her is to "Trust Your Angels" in all things. Your Angels and Guides will lead you through all challenges to happiness, wealth and contentment. She works with the Angels for your highest good in her Angel Chart Sessions.

Marylou is an ordained minister and performs weddings and civil ceremonies. She is a Manifestation Aromatherapist for her clients. She designs Angel Essences to help her clients manifest what they want in their lives.

You can visit her website for more information on the Essences that are available.

She is also now providing crystals with Angel Essence Crystals.

She also has the group East Valley Lightworkers and has Gatherings in several cities in the southwest.

Her unique insight offers a deeper understanding of life's challenges and trials and helps those that she counsels uplift themselves and find a path to greater understanding and healing.

Marylou can be reached at her website:



Love and Blessings,


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Angel Essences - Special Blends by Marylou

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