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Words of Hope, Love and Inspiration from Mother Mary

Give all away, everything you know, everything you have ever experienced, or done, or said or have in your mind, heart, psyche, and have a clean slate and begin to only put there what makes you live in Joy. Be very humble, be naive, be innocent, unworldly, and accept nothing, but allow it all to go over or through you.

Be very strict about putting anything on this slate that does not enhance your entire Being. You then give away all the old ideas, dreams, blocks, experiences, even people, and everything that impedes your progress.

That is all there is.

In this innocence, joy is, love is and there is no need for pain of any kind, because there is nothing to gain by having it. It also gives a clean platform for manifesting without attachment. I would say that if you continuously live in innocence and joy, this joy is the 'emotion' that feeds the manifestation. One does not have to evoke it. It is You. It is You when you live this way.

You observe, you stand back and allow Spirit to do the work, and then co-create together. From a foundation of such 'nothingness' such innocence, such unblocked rawness, comes a power of such might, that the new You will be a 'light' of such brilliance that all will be attracted to you, and you will laugh out loud.

This message was channeled by Gilly Armsby-Ward in September 2008 prior to her attending the “Excuse Me, I am in my own way!” workshop on manifesting. Gilly resides in Southern England. She is a retired Midwife and a loving mother and grandmother. Gilly Armsby-Ward's email:


Love and Blessings,
Marylou C.

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