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Hello Everyone,

Starting two days ago, was the Harvest Moon. This is one of the most huge, beautiful moons of the year. For centuries people have celebrated this time of year. It is also the time of the Autumnal Equinox, which happened on September 23rd. When the Earth shifts, and the days become shorter, and the nights longer. This is when the Sun crosses the celestial equator.

For many people, this is their favorite time of year. The Venus Energy is still strong, and while it has been in Libra, has sparked up your love lives, or fostered better relationships with friends and family.

As stated below, during this Harvest Moon, several things will be happening. It is a time of letting go of the old energies that do not work in your Life. It is a time to rethink how you are doing something, or treating someone, and try to detach, cut the cord, or if they are to stay in your Life, try to patch up wounds, hurts and other emotional happenings.

The Harvest Moon officially starts on the 28th day, the 6th hour, the 9th minute in September. Although it has been in the sky, this is the official time according to the Farmers Almanac


There will be another eclipse of the Moon during Halloween time, which should add to the festivities. This eclipse will be a total one, lasting from the 27th to the 28th. How scary is this???

Since June 8th., when the planet Venus crossed the Sun, the Venus Energy has been strong. This Energy has entered various planets and signs to enhance Love, relationships, and getting along with others. The Venus Energy should be around for a while, as the strong energy affects all of our lives in one way or another!!

So why am I into the planets, moon and stars today?? Because we live in a mysterious Universe, where everyday is unknown to us. But when the Farmers Almanac comes out in January every year, they have predicted down to the minute when the Universe will do something. They predict Venus crossing the Sun, they know about the days, hours and minutes when something will happen in our solar system. The Almanac is rarely wrong.

That to me is a major sign of our being protected by God. We cannot ever second guess the Power of God, and his Grace and Mercy in our lives. But we must also know that God, in His own way, can shift the energy when He sees that it is time. Such as the 4 Hurricanes that have affected Florida in less than 2 months!! What message is He trying to get to us? Are we listening?? If nothing happens by accident, why did this happen to Florida and other adjacent states?

When we can predict down to the minute when something will happen in our solar system, yet be unprepared for a rush of incredible energy to hit a state out of the blue relentlessly, we have to be in awe of God. To respect Him, be in awe of Him, and to know that He is always in charge.

John Bunyan, a famous philosopher once said,
" I will talk of things heavenly."
It seems fitting, at this time of year, when some of the energies are as predictable as clockwork, while others are totally unforeseen, that God works in amazing ways. It seems like a time to talk of things heavenly.

Listening to the news, they said that Mount Helena in Washington has been causing small earthquakes for a few days, showing restlessness. Then the news said that there was a 6.0 earthquake in Central California, near Parkfield. And we already know about the hurricanes.

Do you really think you are in control on this Earth?? Maybe that is what we need to be reminded of. We are physical, spiritual and soulful beings on this Earth, we are guests here, and I really think God is always in charge.

Love and Blessings,
Marylou of
copyright 2004

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