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Hello Everyone,

Hope all of you are doing fine. Summer is almost here. Starting my Summer Schedule this week. That is basically during the week and on Saturday, will be working with clients from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

In Arizona, it is the warmest between 3-6 so it is a good thing to rest and hydrate during these hours.

Also starting with the Summer Schedule I will be giving the Angel Messages for the Now on a weekly basis.

My computer has been not working too well this year, looking forward to getting a new computer soon. Maybe even a laptop. Then I can write anywhere, not just my office.

The Angel Messages for the Now are for this week, or until the New Messages come out next Sunday. These Messages are generic and meant to help everyone. If you need any more in depth Messages, please contact me for more assistance.

I appreciate your feedback very much. At the end of this email I have received permission to reprint a testimonial I received this week. Thanks to all of you for your positive feedback from this newsletter. I appreciate you very much. If you know someone who would want to be on my email list, please send me their email address and I will put them right on.

These are the Angelic Messages for the Now for this week and the trends that are happening in the Sun, Moon and Planets:

1. Change is coming into your 3rd dimensional world.

That is something that is going to change where you live, how you live, where you work, how you work, the money coming in and the money going out. It is a very positive change for all of you. I see no negativity here.

This can also affect your relationships in a positive way. You may make some new friends, or meet someone new for a romantic relationship. You may make some decisions regarding investing or paying off your creditors.

You may meet people who can help you in your business. Like a partnership.

You may decide to buy a car, move to a new residence, change or start the process to look for a new job. You may want to start a new career path, or modify the one you are in now. These are Messages for the Now, so it is important to see them in your immediate future, not months or years down the road. They can and will change week by week in this newsletter.

Or the Messages may have a different meaning or change a Message from the week before.

2. It is time to take a personal look at your priorities in life.

What is important to you on a personal level? That is basically who do you trust, who do you look to for support and loyalty? Who is there for you no matter what? Who is a family member, significant other, friend, co worker who you can count on? It is also time to say who supports me, helps me with my needs and desires? Who is there when everyone else leaves the room, to make sure you are ok? You can be with people and even in close relationships, and still feel alone or on your own.

Remember this is in your personal life, not the life of anyone else. This week may see you questioning the loyalty and support you get from a person in your life. You may ask yourself "Can I trust this person with my personal information, my true confessions, my doubts, and insecurities."

If you are ready you can ask them or let them know of your doubts of their commitment, love, loyalty and support of you.


This Angel is the Prince of Lovers. His main work is to make sure you are building your Life on a firm foundation and not one of sand or shale.

You are building your life to invest and save, and build in a positive way to gain not lose. This Message is in a positive level, meaning that your life is balanced and harmonious, Are you giving more than receiving? Are you not seeing the truth in a situation? Has something changed that you want to get back?

You want to build, not tear down. You want growth and prosperity, not negative energy. This Angel represents growth, prosperity, building, and Love in all aspects. From self love to Universal love. Aim high. If you miss the mark, keep aiming high. Take the high road out of adversity into success.

I hope these Angel Messages for the Now help you this week!!


What is happening with the Sun, Moon and Planets

You are now in the energy of the Full Moon for April. Even though it is the end of April, this energy of the Full Moon will last the first week of May.

This Full Moon is a lot like the Pluto energy. You will be helped to release what you no longer value in your Life. This is an excellent time for emotional healing!!

It is good this week to take stuff for garage sales, thrift shops, consignment stores, and sell on the internet!! The Sun will be working in harmony with the Moon this week, and the planet Saturn will also help to clean out closets.

Saturn the planet of responsibility and seriousness, will be helping you this week and especially this weekend!! You will feel that you are going to accomplish something good!!

Decide what you are finished with. Complete action, and get ready for change!! In May this energy at the New Moon on May 15, will be shifted, just know that a release and finish process is going on right now!! Beginnings and endings are the theme for 2018!!

Mars the planet of action, sometimes aggressive action, will be combining its energy with Pluto, the planet of transformation!! Some aspect of your life will be released and transformed!! Into something more positive for you!! Working this out is a major theme this week. Maybe you already know what you want to change, but it has been hard to get off the couch and do it. This week the energies will help you to make it a little bit easier.

Mercury Retrograde slowed many people down, but that is over as of April 15th, so just think as positive as you can for the release and change to start for you.


Testimonial: Many thanks to my client who sent this to me this week!! I love you and appreciate you!! Names and cities have been erased to protect the privacy of the client. Not on website for clients privacy. Please contact me at to be added to the Angelic News newsletter for your Angel Messages for the Now.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you also have had an insight experience from an Angel Reading that I gave you either in person or by phone, please let me know. It helps me so much to know that I am on the right wave length when I receive my Angel Messages from your Angels and mine!!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

Until next Sunday, have a great week!!



Love and Blessing

Marylou C.

Angel Clairvoyant/Angel Counselor
Manifestation Aromatherapist
Angelic Light Healing
Angelic Light Crystal Healing

Protection Infusion

Supplements: Mark D, Mahala, Marylou C.

Love and Many Blessings to you,

Marylou Chapman
Angel Counselor/Clairvoyant

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