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This is the Angel for the month of March. There is not a lot of information about Machidiel. His name means the "fullness of God". This Angel also rules the sign of Aries.

In Enoch I, Machidiel is called Melkejal.  He "rises and rules in the beginning of the year". He exercises dominion for 91 days, from spring to summer. In the Kabala, Machidiel is one of the 4 Angelic personifications of the holy sefira Malkut. The other 3 personifications being Sadalphon, Messiah, and Emmanuel.

Not usually listed as on of the ArchAngels, he is nevertheless very powerful.  He has been called one of the Princes of Angels. He has the power and is the commander of sending help and support to those who ask for it.


In some belief systems, if you pray to the Angel Machidiel for someone to enter your Life, he will send them. In some belief systems, a man who loves or desires a certain woman to come to him only has to pray to Machidiel.

If the person prays to Machidiel and gives the time and the place to the Angel, the woman will not fail to appear. 

This is how some belief systems view the Angel Machidiel.  Although he is said to rule over the 91 days between spring and summer, there is also an Angel of April.

Asmodel is the Angel of the Month for April.  Asmodel has the dominion over  the month of April and also the sign of Taurus.

Asmodel was formerly one of the chiefs of the order of the Cherubim. The Cherubim is the second of the nine accepted choir of Angels, placed second as well in the first trial of the Angelic Hierarchy (with the Seraphim and Thrones), devised by the 6th Century theologian, Dionysius the Areopagite.  The Cherubim are some of the most powerful and awe-inspiring of all Angels.  They stand below only the Seraphim in direct closeness to God. They thus are second only to their Seraphic brethen in the degree to which they emanate the Love of God and possess knowledge and wisdom.

The Cherubim show such knowledge and wisdom as to be utterly incomprehensible to the mortal mind of humans. Their wisdom blinds the Blessed human who has the honor of actually seeing/hearing/touching a Cherubim Angel in this third dimensional world. Our spiritual and mental development is not advanced enough to experience this type of Angel. Because of the high evolvement of the Cherubim, they rarely leave Heaven.  They are the guardians of the throne of God and act as God's elite corps of ambassadors.

The Angel of the Month Asmodel was at one time one of the chiefs of this order.  He is now the chief of punishment, according to the Coptic Gnostic Pistis Sophia. The Kabala include him among the 10 Sefiroth from the left hand of God (as seen in La Kabbala Pratique). I could not find evidence that Asmodel was a fallen Angel, but the Kabbala says he is one of the 10 Sefiroth from the left hand of God to judge good and evil.

The Sefiroth are the 20 delegated Angels ruling the Powers of God. They control the basic structure of the universe and represent the 10 attributes of the Divine. There are 10 holy Sefiroth that emanated from the right hand of the Lord and 10 unholy Sefiroth that were from the left. The holy Sefiroth act as the means of interacting with His creation, as He himself is so vast and unapproachable and so inconceivable in His totality that He is unknowable.  Scholars describe them as similar to the Gnostic concept of the aeons or Plato's idea of total intelligence. 

Love and Blessings,
Marylou C.
Copyright 2006
Supplements:  Gustav Davidson, M.J. Abadie, Matthew Bunson

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