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JULY 2005


A Fear. Fear. Fear. Fear sells. Fear helps those in power to stay in power. Fear is a tool used by government, media, books, radio, television, movies, etc., to keep the people in control. There are even some religions that use fear as their main control factor. Some religions say that horrible, awful things will happen to you if you do not follow their mandate to the letter. You will be cursed, sinned and God will abandon you.

Fear is used to control people all over the world. In countries that are not free, fear is the main way to get the populations to do what the government wants. Torture, hostages, kidnappings, etc., work to keep people in check.

Do you think that this is the world of the future?? Time and time again, it is being told that this way of controlling the world is going to fail. How many people can you control through fear? Sooner or later, the people rise up out of frustration and anger. Fear, like evil, destroys itself. Just wait and see. It seems to be happening now, where using fear for power is not working.

So how does this affect us in our own individual world? How can we make fear less of a byproduct of how we live? What other way can we respond when fear raises its ugly head?

BY BLESSINGS. When someone does something you do not like, pay them back with a Blessing. When someone says something bad about you that is not true, pay them back with a Blessing. When people use you for their own purposes, pay them back with a Blessing. When someone cheats on you, or causes you emotional pain or disappointment, pay them back with a Blessing.

How do you do that? Especially when you are emotionally involved, angry, jealous, revengeful, resentful, tired, fed up, disillusioned, drained, and otherwise disgusted?

By prayer, meditation and reflection. By sitting back, listening to God or talking to God. In that process, you will feel better. It will help you to see the whole picture. You will get a different perspective. I am not saying this is an easy task, especially when you are full of emotion and anger. In Blessing others, you will be Blessed. This is how it works:

Don't retaliate when things happen to you from other people. Don't repay evil with evil. If you can see, or try, to do something nice for that person or people, you will be Blessed. Your Life will find abundance, happiness, contentment, peace, health, Love, success, fame, fortune, money, whatever you want in your Life. When you repay evil with kindness or a Blessing, the Energy that comes back to you will be positive.
In the Bible, Peter talks about this. He talks about us Blessing others so that we will be Blessed. Especially those who would find fault with you, or make fun of you, or try to cheat you, etc. It is in l Peter 3:8-12.

How do we do this? Simple. When something happens to you that puts fear and anger and doubt in your head, you simply step back, detach from this situation and say a little prayer to Bless the person who has wronged you. Also protect yourself from the evil. Say this little prayer and your world will change for the better. Say a prayer to Bless the person/s and protect yourself :


That is all it takes. If you can do this for the people who treat you badly, the whole world will open up to you and you will be Blessed. Just try it and see. Let God do His work in your Life. Have patience. We cannot understand or judge how another person chooses to Live their Life. You cannot control others. But you can Bless them. You do have that power.

In the power of Blessing comes the power of Abundance. In the power of Blessing, comes Peace. In the power of Blessing comes Love. If you want more Love in your Life, just Bless the people around you who do not show you Love. You will be Blessed with Love. If you want more Abundance in your Life, just Bless the people around you who do not give you Abundance. You will be Blessed with Abundance. You see, positive cancels out negative. If you Bless the person involved, it cancels out the negative in your Life and brings you all good things.

We cannot control the world we Live in. We feel small in comparison to what we see in the world. Our own little worlds seem full of negative emotions and happenings. One of the powers we do possess is the Power of Blessing. Try to see what happens in your world if you Bless one person a day. Just say the little prayer to one person a day and see what happens in your own Life.

Love and Blessings,
Marylou of
copyright 2005

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