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Hello Everyone,

A couple of days ago, during my Morning Meditation, a Message came through to me very strongly.
When I work with clients, sometimes it is very clear that they will be having to make decisions in the future to change their Life in some way.  They are either going to go through something that will force them to change their Life, or they will make the decision on their own to change the direction of their Life.

Every person is unique and different.  There is no way that you can know how you will react to some happening in your Life.  Each person reacts differently to the things that happen to them.  Based on the experiences that have happened to you, you will react to your future with the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and even sexual experiences that you have had.

I try to tell my clients to never respond to something based on the needs and wants of  someone else.  Your Life is unique and you are unique.

Some clients want to always please others, they never want to have anyone think that they are different, and they even go so far as to make sure that their response is like the significant others in their Life.

As an adult in this world (I see adults as over 18), your Life is unique.  The decisions you make are important to the Universe.  What you decide to do with your Life is important to your Angels and Guides.  When a person on Earth decides to make a decision based solely on their needs and wants and their uniqueness, the Angelic Realms rejoice.
The majority of Souls on Earth choose to stay the same or follow others.  They choose not to grow.  It is a big event in Heaven when a Soul on Earth chooses to change their Life in a new and better direction.
Don't be afraid of change.  Embrace it.  Celebrate it.  Cherish it.  Love it.  Want it.  Choose it. Be patient with it.  Just know that the Angelic Realms are aware of it, may have prescribed it for you and will help you go through it.
When change comes into our lives, it is a mandate by God.  The catch is that the majority of people fight it, don't want it, and often choose not to take it.  We have Free Will and Free Choice here on Earth and the masses of Souls choose to stay the same, not grow, or take the path of least resistance, stay in their comfort zone.  They choose not to try a new direction for their Life.
Making the decision to take your Life in a new, more positive direction is a major achievement in Heaven, no matter what the eventual outcome is.  The journey to the new direction, and the traveling to it is the important thing, not the destination.
I am just the Messenger.  Do not be afraid of change, whether it is something simple, or maybe something that is more complex.  Just know your decision, whether to change your Life for the better, is mandated by God.  Because God has given you Free Will and Free Choice, you can make the decision to stay the same.  Growth is part of our Earth's experience.  When we decide not to grow, and to stay in a situation that is not healthy, not positive, not full of Love, not giving us what we want, that is our choice. 
We are Loved, no matter what we decide.  The chances are that the same opportunity for growth and change will keep coming up for you.  You will be reminded over and over again that this choice is available.  Our Angels and Guides never give up on us.  They are always with us.  We are never alone.

Love and Blessings,
Marylou of
copyright 2005

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