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Hello Everyone,

Are you all ready for Easter? Hope so. This very important holiday time is actually this whole week.

Not only for the kids, but also for the adults. A time of new beginnings. There was a Mercury Retrograde during the Christmas holidays last year, and now you are in another Mercury Retrograde for the Easter celebrations. So a double crossed sword in a way. Easter is always a time of new beginnings, and bringing the new into your life. But the Mercury Retrograde may slow down the receiving of the new in your life.


Until April 15th, this is also a time of review, renew and reconciliation. Maybe someone from your past will show up and say hi. Maybe you are reviewing something you thought you wanted, and now are having second thoughts. This Mercury Retrograde is always about relationships and communication. As the old saying goes, it is better to say nothing than to say hostile or angry words to someone, especially during this time.

The old adage see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil works now. If you put your taxes off, and there is a communication breakdown, you will be feeling like it is time to hurry up. Double check your paperwork or risk filing an extension of needing to change your taxes.

Mercury Retrograde for this time can help you to renew that exercise program that went away with your New Year's resolutions. This Retrograde can help you to do behind the scenes preparation and research for future projects. Maybe you need a short break/vacation to renew yourself. A spring break. Try to pay attention and don't rush through something that is very important. That way you will avoid making mistakes and speeding tickets. LOL.

The planet Mars, the planet of action, sometimes aggressive action, is mixing with a new energy since the New Moon you had on March 17th. This is a highly favorable time to work on constructive effort with long term changes for your life. Many have already started making changes in their relationships, jobs, careers, ways they do their work. You can build a solid foundation for your future, with patience and self discipline. Because of Mercury Retrograde, you will have to allow adjustment room in your long term plan making. April 1, which is Easter Sunday is the 1/2 way point for this Retrograde. Maybe the message of this different combo is to keep your sense of humor, and still transform the way you think about your life.

All of this spring 2018 needs is to change your way of thinking and keeping your sense of humor. So much will be happening. If you are unable to make any changes, or do not want to shift the way you think, the world will still change around but without you. Destiny and fate play a big role this spring in your future. When you take a stubborn approach, it just makes it more difficult. Change can be very hard to do for some people and baby steps may be for you. I will never tell people they have to change, cause it isn't easy for many people.

Venus, the planet of Love and relationships and money is here from Good Friday, March 30 to April 24. It will be in a good energy. You will feel more comfort and gentleness around you. Opportunities will come to you. Even during the Retrograde. It is your decision how you respond. You can start working on manifestation. You may have to work hard, but in the long run, the luxury and comfort will be worth the efforts.

My sources say that starting on April 17 of next month, the energies will be starting a new 7 year cycle for you. The main planet helping you will be Uranus, the planet of unexpected events. The new cycle may be about money, power struggles, value systems. Personally, the new cycle, if you choose to go into it, will be about changes in your personal life, at least the beginning of personal changes over the next 7 years. Both the business and personal new cycles will go back and forth between the old and the new as you get your bearings in your new 7 year cycle. Remember this will start in 2018 and go thru 2025. In order for the new to come in, parts of the old must break up old patterns first. A level of discomfort is expected as the new energy gets a foothold. This message is just a heads up to your future.

One major change over the next 7 years is how you all handle your money. In dramatic ways. This even includes the New York Stock Exchange. It will become easier and easier to spend your hard earned money. You will hardly ever need cold cash in your hand unless you choose to.

On March 31, at 5:37am PST, the Full Moon in March will arrive. Just before Easter.

This is a potent Full Moon. There will be challenging patterns. It will be all about balance in your life. And communications with others. During the Retrograde too. It will be time to rethink your relationships in terms of balance with your own needs. Most of the time you want it both ways. To have a committed relationship, but to also have some freedom. to do what you want to do. This is not a good time to redefine your relationships of all kinds. Until after April 15th. If you are too rigid, your plans may change.

Do research now for making plans later. Mars, may be aggressive now during this Full Moon phase, Put some physical effort into long term projects and solutions. All the Full Moon energies during this Retrograde may pull/push you apart to recharge you in a better way. The Universe is not out to get you, altho sometimes you think that it is.

So if you are feeling slow, tired, in a daze, kinda out of body, or just want to sleep all the time, your body is adjusting to the push/pull energy of this Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde going on at the same time.

No telling what will be in your Easter basket because Easter is on April Fool's Day!! It is also the mid point of the Retrograde, as mentioned before. This Full Moon will give you multiple potential choices. The energy will urge you to choose one.

So the Full Moon on Saturday, Easter Sunday on April Fool's Day and also the midpoint of the current Mercury Retrograde, with the energy of Venus should result in a very interesting Easter Sunday!!

Happy Easter Everyone!! Love and Blessings!!!





These are the Angel Messages for the Now. They will change when the next Angelic Light News is published:

1. Archangel Uriel: This Arch Angel is called the Messenger of the Sun. Because he shows you light where ever you go. He is seen as one of the most important Angels, He has been called "Fire of God", or "God is my Light". He is often called the Regent of the Sun. He is the Angel of Enlightenment. Anything with Light or Fire is defined by him. He was the Angel sent by Metatron to warn Noah of the coming flood. He led Abraham out of Ur, and sent prophecies to him about the benefits of humanity. You will be blessed by enlightenment and illumination, you will bask in the warm and healing rays of the Sun. If you have been in the Dark or around those in the Dark, you will now be in the Light, or the light is soon coming to you. You are starting a new 7 years cycle this month, March, and hopefully one that is in the Light. You will become spiritually whole, through experience, insight, intuitive skills, knowledge and courage.

2. There is something you are doing on the 3rd dimensional level that is no longer your path. Maybe you know what it is, maybe you don't . It is time to wake up to your reality of your life. Are you happy? Is something missing? It is about money, where you live, where you work, the money you make, the money going in and out of your life, and your relationships. There is a new path waiting for you whenever you choose it. No one can make you change your path but you. People may try to convince you to take their path, or they may convince you to only do what others do. You must choose your own path. Whether others follow is not your job to worry about. Maybe this is some Karma you have to complete. Maybe it is a whole new way of living. Maybe you are just ready for a change. This is happening in the Now, which is right now. This is not on the mental, emotional, Love, or personal path. It is on the 3rd dimensional, physical path. It could also have something to do with your physical body.

3. There will be excitement coming into your life. On a personal level. I call it personal positive stress. It will give you butterflies, excitement, looking forward to something new and exciting. Anticipation, trouble sleeping, trouble eating, or eating too much. All the symptoms of positive stress. On a personal level, so about your trust levels being healthy, in other words you are more trusting of others and your life path now. Also having others helping you. Giving you support, love and meeting your wants, needs and desires. A good time for you in the Universe on a personal level. With excitement and something to look forward to in your immediate future.

These Angel Messages for the Now are in generic form and each person can find the Message for them. Of course, you can go more in depth with these Messages for the Now. If you want to. Please contact me for that. I hope I have helped you.





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Love and Blessing

Marylou C.

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Love and Many Blessings to you,

Marylou Chapman
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