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Hello Everyone,

You are in the time of Easter, which started on March 1. Easter will be at the end of the month this year. On March 27th. This is an important Christian holiday.

Some think that Christmas is the most important, but in reality, Easter is the more important. It is a time of birth, renewal and resurrection. A time of the beginning of Spring, or the Spring Equinox. A time of celebrating St. Patrick's Day. So there is a lot going on this month of March.


Planning ahead, there will be 2 eclipses in the month of March. A Solar Eclipse on March 8 and a Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd. This will be the beginning of a Life Shift.

There has been a Shift of sorts that started last month, so it will continue next month also. This Energy Shift will be about your Life Priorities. They are going into a deeper level for the rest of 2016. Hidden depths are coming to you.

My sources are kind of in limbo this month, or going through the Energy Shifts I talked about last month. Some are traveling, which I don't blame them. Going south, or west.

You are also in the times of Mars, changing Energies. This started yesterday, March 5. Mars, the planet of action, sometimes aggressive action will be in this energy until April 17. When Mars enters a new Energy, you never know what is going to happen next. Over the next few weeks, expect plenty of excitement. After April 17, everything will come to a stop, as the planet will go into its own Retrograde for awhile. It is all about taking risks. This Energy will be very compatible for you if you are a risk taker. If you are not, expect to be taken out of your comfort zone.

You may feel impulsive and eager to start something new. It is the time of Spring, so something new fits the bill. This may include uncharted territory, or persons, places or things that are new to you. Your boundaries may be pushed. You may be looking for a cause. You may feel fearless and feisty, making things happen. You have to be careful not to overdo, so that your plans go over the top. Mistakes could be made.

This can be about your spiritual or religious self, your belief systems on a mental, emotional or Love level. It could be about legal battles, and even battles in the world. Overseas battles are being focused on. Like what is going on in the China Sea and North Korea. The best approach is one of being aggressive, but still having the ability to cool down with logic and pause. You don't want to do anything rash, as our leaders also are treading on soft ground.

On the political scene, although I usually don't talk politics, the emotions of hate, fear and bigotry are only showing how desperate some people are getting. Society and the old ways are shifting. It is just the way it is. Many from the old school are fighting change with every ounce of their energy. Pulling out all the stops to keep the old ways of doing things in play. After all, who wants what is best for our country? Please don't get fooled, according to my source, in the playground of politics. You now have the opportunity to put someone in office that wants change on that level. You can pick up on this change, or not, you always have free will and free choice. From the Earth, Moon and Planets viewpoint, the changes that are happening are not by accident. They have just evolved over time, and also these amazing Energy Shifts that all of you have been experiencing are changing the landscape of our political systems.

Starting later this month, there will be 10 planets stacked on one side of the heavens, just about when winter turns to spring. The planet Jupiter and the Moon will be on one side of the Earth. With the other planets on the other side of the Earth. The Earth will be wedged in between all this energy. Talk about polar opposites!! This will set up oppositions to energies happening on the planet. Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, will be very positive to open up the way to a bright future. The intense energy coming off the other planets will supercharge Jupiter, standing with the Moon.

There is also going to be 2 eclipses this month with the Moon. Time to come out of your shell and be counted!! Especially if you were born in the month of September!! Time to claim the life you were born to live. Without fear or doubt. No matter how many obstacles, how long you have been looking around in the dark, it is time to get out of the negative. Just like a volcano erupting, this has been building up for some time. A catalyst will show up to push you along. If you have been angry, depressed, whatever, time to let others know in a constructive way, without protest or violence. Time to get rid of delusions that have taken over your world. Get back to something new and real in your Life.

Because of the Lunar Eclipses, I will be sending out 2 separate Angelic Light News this month, plus of course the Spring Equinox on March 20th. Lots going on now. Please be patient with me as you explore all the happenings with the Sun, Moon and Planets for March!! Happy Easter!!


Love and Many Blessings to you,

Marylou Chapman Angel


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