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Hello Everyone,
Happy New Year 2011 to all of you!!  Starting this year, you will be able to see my Messages for the Now on my and my websites.  All you have to do is go to the site and click on Messages for the Now or more about Marylou. 
I get requests to send a Message for the Now to someone who has missed it, but now you can go to my websites for them.  Also this Message, the first of 2011 will be on my website.


Celestial Energies for 2011 


It is all about freedom for 2011

My Message for the Now is the Freedom you will be seeking during the year of 2011. Many of you went through devastating experience in 2010. Many of you lost property, money, jobs, career, relationships during last year. Many of you moved to new locations. Started new jobs. Took pay cuts to keep your current job.
Many of you no longer get child support. Many of you can no longer pay child support. Many of you may have lost a loved one. No matter how you call it, 2010 was a very tempestuous and Karmic year.

Many of you completed Karma with family, friends, careers, relationships. Now it is time for a new start.
Some of you have already started exploring new ground. Some of you are still recovering. You felt the strong urge for change, but you might have been held back and not able to move forward. You can call it the Twilight Zone. It was a shocking and bizarre year. Even on the last day of 2010 events were happening. To the last minute.

I would say at this writing, that 99% of you are not the same as on January 1, 2011. The entire planet is in transition. You are now still in that state of transition. You may be feeling confused, surprised, shocked, sad, overwhelmed, excited and maybe completely on a new path.

2011 will start as if it is already going faster. The Energy will seem like it is on a fast mode. One day will melt into another and you will say — what day is this? This represents the times ahead. At least for the first 6 months of the year. It will be a highly charged time. You may feel like you are on the Energy high. This is part of the new birthing process that is happening to everyone going through the transition. A new phase of your Life is actually in the making NOW!!

You will find it very difficult to remain silent and uninvolved. It will be hard to be lazy. You will be inspired to act on your own behalf and for others. It is time to tell the truth. If you lie your way through Life, look out!! This year will be very difficult for you. It is time to take a risk and be active. You will want more Freedom to pursue your passions. You will not want to be controlled. You will want to break away from those who are trying to control you.

The good news is that as the year progresses, starting in April, there will be more Lightness. You will be starting to feel less tied down to the past. Whether you are a worker, a warrior, a creator, or a path finder, the Energy will be easier to deal with.
This call for Freedom is not just in the United States, but all over the world. Protests and activism will start all over the planet for more Freedom. There may be some aggression. Countries will be wanting more independence. Restructuring and remodeling old ways and paradigms will be happening. You will want debts to be paid. In order for this, you may have to sacrifice something. But in the long run, it is for the best.

April is a great time for manifesting. Nature will have a heavy hand over civilization. After July, the Energies calm down some. That is a good thing. The seeds you plant now will start to bear fruit. If you want to conceive a child, now is the time to do that, with the child being born later this year!! The last 6 months of 2011 is about being grounded and balanced. Nourishing what you have started.

If you are a daydreamer, or an inventor, 2011 is for you. As long as your dreams are real. To venture too far out of time won't work. You need to stay within the perimeters of real Life to succeed. 2011 will be a time to be active in your own Life. It will be a time when you want more Freedom, not less. It will be a time when you are tired of people who lie to you. You will not put up with it any longer. Those people may leave your Life. To compromise with someone who constantly does not tell the truth is unacceptable to you now. This may end marriages, relationships, friendships, even end a job for you.

Physical exercise will be incredibly helpful throughout the year. Sweat and motion will really help you. People will still be dealing with economic problems, housing problems, foreclosure problems, bank problems, money problems. That is the 3rd dimension for 2011. But spiritually, mentally, emotionally this is a year to shine!! It is a year to find more Freedom in your Life.

You are opening up to a new dimension for yourself that you may not have experienced before. Preparing for the Golden Age of 2012. Just because you will be feeling invincible, you still need to help others and be of service. Avoiding stimulants such as caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, (both recreational and prescription) will be a good idea, as you will already be flying high on the Energy of 2011!! Here is my Heartfelt wish for a dynamic and Blessed 2011!!

Love and Blessings,
Marylou C.

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